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technology consulting

The technical service engineer team will provide customers with valuable services in all aspects through tracking and testing in the early, mid, and late stages. If customers require, we can provide customers with fabric design solutions, inspection reports, and optimization solutions.

Early-stage: Technical service engineers will go to the site to collect technical parameters, learn more about the characteristics and usage of the currently used fabrics, customer needs, and problems to be solved, and provide technical support for the design and production of fabrics.

Mid-stage: Tracking the use of fabrics on the machine, the initial suitability of fabrics is our focus. Various instruments are used to detect and track the compression, dehydration, abrasion resistance, permeability, and durability of the fabric.

Later stage: In the later stage of fabric used, focus on understanding the changes in fabric permeability after online cleaning and shutdown cleaning. Sampling and testing the woven fabrics of key parts, and studying and judging the strength, compression resistance, and wear resistance of the fabrics through failure analysis, providing technical support for optimizing the fabrics.

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