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  • Paper machine drying fabric

    1. The role and characteristics of dryer fabric   The main function of drying fabrics: The first is to pass the paper through the dryer section; The second is to press the paper sheet on the drying cylinder, which can enhance the contact between the paper and the cylinder surface, which not only ...
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  • To increase the speed of paper machine, should pay attention to the dryer section problem

    The increase in the speed of the paper machine means that the paper web must be dried quickly in the dryer section, which imposes higher requirements on the dryer section of the paper machine.   Compared with the dryer section of the old paper machine, the dryer section of modern high-speed paper...
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  • How long can your paper machine forming wire been use?

    Forming network is an important equipment on the paper machine, it is the paper forming, dewatering device on the paper machine, it dehydrates the pulp suspension from the slurry box, and runs the paper width to the following section.   Polyester forming mesh is commonly used in the forming part ...
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  • The different of two sides of the paper.We’ve made it clear.

    The front side of the paper: the felt side, which is relatively smooth and tight. The reverse side of the paper: the mesh surface, in the paper sheet forming process, contact with the mesh surface to produce screen printing on the paper surface, so the reverse side is always rough and relatively ...
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  • Paper making felt. It might be good to see these

    When choosing the press felt, special attention must be paid to the relevant technical parameters of the paper making machine. Only by properly adjusting the relevant process and technical parameters of felts according to the actual conditions of the paper making machine can the press felt meet t...
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