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Melt-blow conveyor belt

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Melt-blown conveyor belt is widely used in mask melt spray cloth production line and other industries used in non-woven non-woven equipment.

2-Meltblown coneyor belt

Advantage :

1. Advanced compilation technology
The meltblown conveyor belt is mainly woven by advanced weaving technology-selected PET with a small cross-sectional size, so that the air permeability of the mesh belt is even during operation, without arching, hanging wire, and deformation.

2. Durable
As the carrier of meltblown cloth, it has a certain friction, good flexibility, high tensile strength and strong anti-wrinkle ability.
3. The surface of the mesh belt is clean and smooth, and the product is perfectly shaped.
The surface of the meltblown conveyor belt is relatively smooth, and the product has a good feel. It can not only be attached to the mesh surface for transportation, but also can be easily separated from the mesh belt, and there will be no drift during the conveying process, so that the product is perfectly shaped.

4. Stability is greatly improved by 100%
Our company adopts secondary qualitative technology, which is qualitatively stable, and does not shrink or deform under high temperature environment. Compared with the traditional primary shaping, the stability is 100%.

5. Long service life
Good performance in acid, alkali, high temperature 180° environment, long service life.

6. Seam Connection

There are two types of joints for meltblown conveyor belts, one is endless connection and the other is seam connection . The thickness of the joint is the same as the replacement thickness, and no roll skipping occurs. The joint is flat and has no mesh marks, no deviation, no Hang silk.


Technical parameters:


Weave type Plain Weave
Warp diameter: 0.58 mm×0.38 mm
Weft diameter: 0.60 mm/0.60 mm
Warp density: 18 root /cm
Weft density: 11.2 root/cm
Air Permeability: 601CFM
Caliper 1.7mm
Surface Strength: ≥2000N/cm
Connection Strength: ≥800N/cm

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