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Forming Fabric

  • Triple(SSB) layer forming fabric

    Triple(SSB) layer forming fabric

    SSB three-layer forming fabric adopts upper, middle and lower three-layer structure design. The upper layer adopts thinner diameter, weft and flat grain structure to improve the retention rate of fine fibers and filler, and improve the uniformity and smoothness of paper sheet.
  • 1.5 layer forming fabric

    1.5 layer forming fabric

    1.5 layer polyester forming fabrics The 1.5 layer fabric have good stability, good air permeability and good drainability,it is suitable for producing medium and high grades cultural paper and special paper. Suitable for medium and high speed paper making machine.
  • Single layer forming fabric

    Single layer forming fabric

    4-shed , 5-shed series single layer polyester forming fabrics These two are widely used polyester forming fabric in paper making, mainly used for producing cultural paper (single glue, double glue and color glue), printing paper, glazed paper, packing paper, common newsprint. Suitable for common fo
  • Pulp washing fabric

    Pulp washing fabric

    Pulp Washing fabric Used for vacuum belt type pulp washing machine, also used for drum type pulp washing machine.
  • 2.5 layer forming fabric

    2.5 layer forming fabric

    Double and a half layer polyester forming fabric Are suitable for producing quality printing paper, such as offset printing paper, copper plate paper, newsprint and cigarette paper series (wrap paper and filter tips paper), Also is could be used for producing toilet paper, tissue paper and surface pulp, lining pulp, core pulp and bottom pulp of the board paper etc. Suitable for medium and high speed paper making machine. ● Good fiber support ● High Drainage Capacity ● Very good formation ● ...