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Dryer Fabric

  • Flat woven dryer fabric

    Flat woven dryer fabric

    The warp yarn is a flat wire with a 1/2 layer woven structure, which improves the running stability of the fabric. The double-warp woven structure concept improves the operation efficiency and reduces the pulling of the paper sheet by the dryer fabric, reduces the wear of the paper sheet on the drye
  • Round woven dryer fabric

    Round woven dryer fabric

    It is a special structure woven dry fabric, which is woven with round high-strength warp and weft. The round warp yarn and uniform surface ensure the control of the paper sheet by the dryer fabric, and the double-layer woven structure improves the stability and running effect of the dryer fabric on
  • Spiral dryer fabric

    Spiral dryer fabric

     Spiral Dryer Fabric The polyester spiral dry fabric is made of polyester monofilaments wound into a spiral loop, and the spiral loops are connected together by weft to form a spiral fabric. The spiral fabric has a smooth surface, good air permeability, high temperature resistance, and its own interface.It is widely used in the drying of the paper industry, the production of composite fabrics, the drying and conveying of food and medicine. The emergence of spiral fabric effectively guarantees...