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Corrugated cardboard belt

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The stainless steel wire mesh has good corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance. It can be used as a pulp washing fabric , the inner and outer wires of the paper making cylinder mould , and the facing roller wire. It can also be used in mining, metallurgy, chemical, rubber, cement and other indu

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It is a special belt for corrugated board production line is used for double-sided machine.Corrugated core through the single-sided corrugated paper machine, and facial pressure into corrugated paper laminating, constitute a single face corrugated board, after gluing composite three, five, seven layers of corrugated board.Conveyor installed on the cooling of hot plate and upper part, by a variety of synthetic fiber fine weaving and become, when running under high temperature and high pressure, high humidity, high friction, make sure that the cardboard dry adhesive accurately and timely, to ensure the safe and reliable supplies for tile line production smoothly.

Suitable for normal and high speed corrugated board machine and Kevlar band high speed corrugated conveyor belt.

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● Good air permeability 

● Good water absorption

● No contraction

● Wear resistance

● Long service life

This product is customized products, production will be according to customer’s requirements.

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